Here’s A First Look At New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 5 Cast And A Spoilery Reveal

New footage from the Season 5 set of “Game of Thrones” provides a first glimpse at the newest cast members, and also a reveal about Jaime Lannister’s storyline that qualifies as a big spoiler. Warning: Spoilers from the books and Season 5 of “GoT.”

Read on here but just as a warning there are spoilers from the books and Season 5 of “GoT.”

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Lee tripping on his robe  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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These 15 Geeky Dog Costumes Are Perfect For A Nerd’s Best Friend

When Halloween rolls around, geeks are freaks — after all, it’s another opportunity for cosplay.

But why leave Fido out of the fun when there are so many great doggie costumes out there? See all the adorable nerdy dog costumes here.

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Madame Tussauds - The Making of Benedict Cumberbatch screencaps (x)

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Girl Who Was Called ‘Ugly’ After Donating Hair To Cancer Patients Gets Major Support From Internet

A few snips at the hair salon turned Jetta Fosberg’s selfless act into a school nightmare.

After the 10-year-old Ohio girl cut and donated 14 inches of her hair to Wigs for Kids, an organization that supports children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments, she started being bullied at school, her mom told WHIO News in Dayton.

For what happened with the bullies from Jetta’s school go here. 

To show support for Jetta, “like” her anti-bullying page on Facebook.

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I really don’t have words anymore for this man just please stop him 

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You probably have heard of mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) and of chloroplasts (gives the leaves green pigment, used in photosynthesis). But did you also know that according to the endosymbiosis hypothesis, the mitochondria & chloroplast were once free-living cells. They were “swallowed” into other larger cells and became a subcomponent. Evidence for this includes the fact that both these structures have their own DNA and can self-replicate. 

Mitochondria is the prisoner of the cell

Free them

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Anonymous said: Hey there! A long time ago, Froggie posted a lot of macro photography and I've been wanting to get into it. I'm looking to get all the stuff to make it easy like a reversal ring and stuff... but i can't remember for the life of me what the tripod connection was called so you could just slightly shift the camera's position closer or further from the subject. I know you get a lot of stuff probably, but if someone could get back to me as soon as possible, that would be lovely!! :D have a good day!!


I wrote a post called “macro on a budget" that I think you will find very helpful. 

If you have the budget, I highly recommend getting the macro extension tubes rather than the reversal ring. And they need to be the tubes that can communicate with the camera. Meaning you can still adjust the aperture and autofocus. 

I really like the Xit ones. They are inexpensive (compared to other brands) and very well made. 

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May the forced plots be with you.

In honor of Carrie Fisher’s birthday (Oct. 21), here is a loving takedown of “Star Wars.” These may not change how you think about the classic saga overall, but the glaring holes will definitely throw you off the next time you binge watch Lucas’ series all the way through. For more five more plot holes in “Star Wars” go here. 

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How to pack a shirt while travelling


How to pack a shirt while travelling

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